As Microsoft talks about adding to core features and building on existing functionality, their customers stated the Batch Number and Batch Source Navigation lists was a HUGE hit in GP 18.5.  They wanted more!

With the release of 18.6, again on the Navigation List as everyone loves them and uses them, Microsoft added a filter on Batch Source (which was there before), but now you can have a drop-down list of all your batch sources.  What users found was it was hard to find the source and type it in exactly correctly, now they have the lists added for you for easy access to filter based on it.

Drop Down List Selection for Batch Source Navigation Lists
Drop Down List Selection for Batch Source Navigation Lists -2

It is Dynamics Community Summit this week and we see many sessions around Navigation lists and how they are the most underused feature that can make your life in Dynamics GP easier. Much of what you can view and do in a navigation list can be accomplished elsewhere in the product.  If you don’t use them, check it out now!

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For detailed documentation on all the features: Microsoft Dynamics GP Detailed Documentation

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