There is no better way to learn about the system you are using than being part of communities where you can network with other users, gain tips and tricks and have access to training materiaAcumatica User Memberships - The 4 You Should Havels to help you make the most of your journey using Acumatica. There are several communities we suggest our Acumatica customers ( and sometimes even prospects) join to take advantage of all the great information you will have access to. Hear are 4 Acumatica User Memberships we recommend to our customers and users:

  1. Acumatica Community

The Acumatica Community provides an official Acumatica user collaboration tool as well as all Acumatica resources into one, easy-to-find platform to improve your experience. The Acumatica Community page is now also the new home for the knowledge base, product feedback and voting system, and Acumatica User Groups.

Follow these easy steps to log in:

  1. Click the Acumatica Community link
  2. Click “log in” at the top right of the screen.
  3. If you already have an Acumatica Customer Portal log in, that’s it.
  4. If this is the first time and you don’t have an Acumatica Account, click on “Sign up page” option and complete the registration. *Must use email address associated with your company / organization (not @gmail, @yahoo etc.) so your user account links to your organization account correctly.

Learn more about the Acumatica Community

  1. An Acumatica User Group

Acumatica User Groups are regional groups of users that meet regularly in person. They are a great place to meet with other local users and engage in conversations with like-minded members. User Groups are open to local Acumatica customers, partners, and Acumatica employees. These local meetings are intended to further the sharing of knowledge and product use through presentations, peer to peer networking, round tables, ad hoc discussions, etc.

Request to Join an Acumatica User Group (AUG) near you!

Currently Available:

  • Northwest Region
  • West Region
  • Midwest Region
  • Southwest, Mountain, Plains Region
  • Mid-Atlantic, Northeast Region
  • SoCal AUG
  • Pacific Northwest AUG
  • NorCal AUG
  • North Texas AUG
  • South Texas AUG
  • Canada East AUG
  • Greater Chicago AUG
  • Minnesota AUG
  • Utah AUG

Please note you will need to be signed into to request to join a group.

Keep up with the latest at the Acumatica User Group landing page. More groups may be added so make sure to check back!

  1. Acumatica Open University

Acumatica’s Open University is one of the best resources for Acumatica users, especially new users who are at the beginning of their learning journey. It is a free, self-paced, online learning portal where you can find training Course’s for various functionality in Acumatica like Finance, Inventory Management, Customer Management, Project Accounting and much more!

You have access to a variety of materials such as installation guides, session recordings, training guides and quizzes.

To sign into the site, you need to use an SSO account. If you don’t have one, you can create a new SSO account by performing the steps of the following instructions: How can I create an Acumatica Portal account for sign-in to Acumatica Open University?

  1. Acu-connect

Acu-connect is known as one place to find “everything you ever needed to know about Acumatica ERP!” This membership provides an opportunity to learn more about Acumatica Cloud ERP, the chance to connect with other Acumatica users and experts, and the opportunity to share your Acumatica best practices and experiences.

Their mission is to provide the Acumatica community members including VARs (Partners), ISVs (3rd Party Add-On Solutions), and Acumatica end users with a network for education, shared resources, and collaboration.

acu-connect was founded by a group of subject matter experts, each with deep expertise in their respective facets of Acumatica. The goal is to provide Acumatica partners and customers with a centralized community that they can go to when they need answers or want to share best practices.

Best of all, it’s free and like using Acumatica, you can connect from anywhere. Make sure to check it out for upcoming Webinar/Events, Blog, Acumatica Resources and MORE!

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By Amy Mackiewicz, CAL Business Solutions, Acumatica and Microsoft Dynamics GP/365 BC Partner,