Dynamics GP Users- how is it possible we are at Year-End 2022 already?!  Please review the following information to ensure that your update for GP Year-End US Payroll goes smoothly:


The Year-End updates were released in November to ensure you have plenty of time to install prior to year-end.

Question: Can the 2022 Year-End Update be installed even though 2022 payrolls are not completely processed?

Answer: YES, in fact we strongly encourage you to install it as soon as possible after it has been released.

This update is all inclusive of prior updates Microsoft Dynamics GP.  This means it will include 18.2, 18.3, 18.4, and 18.5. 


The U.S. Payroll tax table update is typically scheduled to be released mid to December each year. Important Note: Do not install this tax table update until ALL pay runs for the 2022 year are completed.

Visit this link for all information pertaining U.S. Payroll Tax table updates U.S. Payroll Tax Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP

  1. 2022 Round 8 Released on October 10, 2022.
  2. 2022 Year End Tax table update will be released around Mid-December.
  3. 2023 Round 2 will be available mid-January 2023.

These are some common errors or issues when downloading U.S. Payroll Tax updates, visit this link which covers many common issues and gives the resolutions: Tips to install the U.S. Payroll Tax Update


Always make a current restorable back up of the Live company database before proceeding with the year-end close steps so you can restore from backup should the need arise.

Please review Year-End closing procedures prior to processing your year-end so you are well prepared Year-end closing procedures for Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll

A suggestion would be to restore your live company into your test company, follow the steps in the link to close U.S. Payroll in the test company so you can see if the close goes smoothly. If there are any issues, you will see them first in the test company and can resolve them there, then resolve them in the live company prior to closing in the live company. Set up a test company that has a copy of live company data for Microsoft Dynamics GP using Microsoft SQL Server

There have been no regulatory changes in U.S. Payroll in 2022, and there are no new features in Dynamics GP for U.S. Payroll in the Year-End Update 2022.

COMMON QUESTIONS Microsoft receives in support:

Q1: When should the Year-End Close steps be done? 

A1: The Payroll Year End Close process/steps to close the 2022 payroll module should be done after all pay runs have been completed in the current year.

Q2: Are there any changes I should know about related to the Year End Update for Payroll?

A2: We are not aware of any new regulatory changes to W-2, W-3, W-4 form changes, or EFW2 electronic changes.

Q3: Affordable Care Act (ACA) questions:

A3: Even though this link is from 2021, you can still use it for 2022.  The ACA form has not been released for changes for ACA 2022, but this link has a wealth of information, we receive a lot of questions on pertaining to ACA Microsoft Dynamics GP Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Q4: What does the Year End Close process do?

A4: The Year-End process/steps will create the Year End Wage file with annual wage information used to generate W2s, W3s, and EFW2’s (aka Magnetic Media), 1095-Cs, and 1094-Cs for the year being closed.

Q5: If I execute the Year-End Wage file in GP, can I re-run it again without corrupting or damaging the Year-End Wage file?

A5: Remove the recently closed Year-end wage file. HR & Payroll > Routines > Payroll > Year-End Closing > select the year (2022) > click Process > message: “Year End Wage records already exist for the selected reporting year. Do you want to delete them?” > click “Delete” > message: “Records for the selected reporting year have been deleted. Do you want to recreate records for same reporting year” > click ‘Cancel’. Now you can make any changes you need to for the 2022 year.

NOTE: By doing this, you will lose any edits made to the employee records or W2’s after the file was created. You will need to re-do any changes made after your created that Year-End Wage file.

Q6: What steps should I take to close the year?

A6: Refer to this link Year-end closing procedures for Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll

Please use these resource links Microsoft has gathered for you:

2022 Form W-2 (irs.gov)

2022 Form W-3 (irs.gov)

Specifications for Filing Forms W-2 and W-2c (ssa.gov)

Employer W-2 Filing Instructions & Information (ssa.gov)

IRS begins 2022 tax season; urges extra caution for taxpayers to file accurate tax returns electronically to speed refunds, avoid delays | Internal Revenue Service

  • General Instructions for Forms W-2 and W-3

2022 General Instructions for Forms W-2 and W-3 (irs.gov)

General Instructions for Forms W-2 and W-3 (2022) | Internal Revenue Service (irs.gov)

GP Year-End US Payroll enables you to check EFW2 and EFW2C for correctness before submitting them to the SSA.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP & Acumatica Partner, www.calszone.com

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