In this video, Doug Johnson at Acumatica gives a short demo of mobile receipt entry in Acumatica. It compares the current process with the new solution utilizing AI/ML processing that was launched in Acumatica 2020 R1.

After taking a picture of a receipt, Acumatica automatically sends the image to a machine learning engine that detects the name, date, and the total amount of the receipt. This information is used to automatically create an expense receipt – saving time and reducing errors. In addition, Acumatica uses the detected information to predict the proper expense account.

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Video Transcription:

“Acumatica enables users to quickly enter expense receipts from mobile devices, so employees can easily and accurately manage expenses. Today, using Acumatica, I can automatically attach a picture of expense receipts for auditing. In this video, we demonstrate how advances in machine learning can simplify the process to reduce receipt entry time by up to 50%, while also improving accuracy.

In this demonstration, I’m using a prerelease version of the Acumatica mobile application that I installed on my Android device using a special APK file. I started entering a receipt using the tools available to me today. I carefully enter a description, an amount, and select the expense category. Next, I take a picture of the receipt and save it. This process is efficient, but Acumatica engineers are working to make the process even better.

To demonstrate the new process, I start by taking a photo of my receipt. The system automatically contacts the machine learning server to analyze the picture and pre-fill my expense receipt. Instead of entering data, all I need to do is verify the entries and save the record. When complete, I can view the records in the Acumatica ERP application. As expected, the information is ready to submit for approval and processing.

In some situations, the algorithm may not be able to identify information due to nonstandard formatting. If this happens, you can help the system identify the field location. In this example, I help it find the date field. In this proof of concept, we read and populated three fields, but phone numbers, tax amounts, and other fields can also be recognized. Mobile expense receipt entry is an area where Acumatica is applying AI and ML to improve business efficiency. You can learn more about the underlying technology by visiting the Microsoft Azure Form Recognizer webpage. For more information about Acumatica, contact an Acumatica reseller or visit”

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