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3 Simple Ways to Recharge and Be Better At Your Job

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3 Options For Remote Access to Microsoft Dynamics GP

With the onset of the COVID-19 virus, more and more of our customers suddenly need remote access to Dynamics GP. With Dynamics GP, it is only supported where both the Dynamics GP Client and the SQL Database are both on the same local area network (in the same physical location).

So how do we work remotely from our homes, or other locations? Here are your three options.

Recent Updates / Blog Posts from Microsoft Regarding Dynamics GP

We recently received an email from Microsoft’s Sr. Escalation Engineer, Terry Heley, with some updates and informative blog posts regarding Dynamics GP that we wanted to share with you in case they are of interest to you:

A few additional notes / resources:

  1. In the midst of all going on with COVID19, Microsoft started to see a rash of cases stating GP is crashing. Digging into the issue, they think it is a change with a windows update and published a blog with more details and workaround.
  2. They also did a new tax blog that has some great examples of how Dynamics GP will calculate tax along with the new Dependent Claim field they added in 2020 with the W4.
  3. As times changes, in GP, Microsoft gets a lot of ‘email’ type of questions. Their team has done a GREAT job of putting together setup, known errors, anything you can think of about email. Check it out!
  4. They want to highlight this blog again as it has been awhile and they recently updated the document with free SmartList Designers for you for FREE.
  5. GP 2015 customers should upgrade , unfortunately due to COVID the lifecycle will not change and there are no more updates for GP 2015. The next planned update is mid-year (June 2020) usually for Canada taxes, but Microsoft has other bug fixes planned too. This will release for GP 2016 and 18.2 only.

Clutch Names CAL Business Solutions in Top 15 List of Highest Rated ERP Consulting Companies

At CAL Business Solutions, we’ve had nearly 40 years to perfect ERP & IT solutions. Sure, some things have changed, but our commitment to providing our customers with the best services we can is one thing that’s stood the test of time. Read more about CAL being part of this list!

3 Simple Ways To Recharge And Be Better At Your Job

The coronavirus pandemic brought a lot of changes to the way people live their lives, and change can create stress and ultimately deplete your energy. While you don’t have to be full of energy at this time, you can press pause or slow down a little so that you have the energy levels to be productive when you reemerge from the public health crisis.

Here are three things you can do now to use the time you have wisely and recharge.

GP User Group (GPUG) Free Resources

In the wake of COVID-19 and its persistent impact on everyone, Dynamic Communities remains committed to delivering its online user groups and educational resources. They are teaming up with people from the community to provide blogs that showcase tips and tricks on working from home, webinars focused on helping you and your organization work effectively and efficiently through these trying times, and so much more. Check out some of there FREE resources*!

*You will be required to subscribe/create a login to access this information.

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