I recently created a dashboard in Acumatica for our new Customer Success Manager (CSM) that empowers her to be proactive and communicate information to our customers before they even need to ask.

I know that every system has the ability to access information about customers. What orders do they have? What cases do they have open? Which cases have been closed? All of those types of scenarios.

But we wanted different information for our CSM. We wanted the ability to monitor whether a customer is on the same cadence, their trends. We needed a way for her to “know” each customer.  It had to include the product they used if there was current activity, past interactions, and resolutions.  And we wanted her to be able to get to that information without a string of queries or links.

Now that we use Acumatica as our internal system, we were able to utilize the Acumatica dashboard capability, which is built right into the fabric of the application. In a very short period of time, we were able to build a dashboard that allowed us to really have a unique view of the same data that might traditionally be looked at from a sales perspective.

This is what Virginia Deron, our new Customer Success Manager says about her Acumatica experience:

The CAL team built me a dashboard that empowered me to look at the data from a historical perspective. I can see the entire history of the account from the beginning, and drill down into individual support requests by user. This includes every call and every e-mail.

When I use the dashboard, I don’t have to query support cases by category, like upgrades versus technical support issues. It’s already there. I can click on a category, look at it, and pop back to another category.

My dashboard allows me to quickly move to more detailed information if needed. It’s simple for me to access our shared support dashboard. The support interface is laid out cleanly to allow quick access to aged support case detail, closed cases, and other pertinent information.

My dashboard is not flashy or loaded with bells and whistles. It’s a fast, simple way to get the data I’m looking for. I use it to create reports, write an e-mail to a consultant about a case, or while on the phone with a client.

I look at my dashboard like a tool kit. I want to be able to build a customer interaction based on knowledge of the customer, tools to respond to a customer and information to resolve their request. My dashboard has the pieces that I need to build a positive customer experience.”

Now Virginia can be more responsive and provide better service to our CAL Business Solutions customers. This is the power of Acumatica dashboards. Not just to the business, but to the individual users.

Do you want to easily create dashboards for specific people on your team? CAL Business Solutions can help you evaluate Acumatica, or provide support for your current Acumatica system. Let’s start the conversation. Contact CAL Business Solutions, 860-485-0910 x4 or sales@calszone.com.

By George Mackiewicz, CAL Business Solutions, Acumatica, and Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, www.calszone.com