A nice way to call attention to a required field in SalesPad, for example on a customer or inventory card, is to highlight the field in a different color. Or you may think of other reasons why you want to change the color or layout of SalesPad screens.

This short video shows how to change the colors and highlight specific important fields in SalesPad screens (for Microsoft Dynamics GP).


This is Ryan from CAL Business Solutions. Today I want to talk to you about some of the options that are available to us when we customize the layout (in SalesPad for Microsoft Dynamics GP).

Now, as you’re probably aware, we can customize a lot of the different fields that show on a document or in other parts of SalesPad. We can change the size and which fields show there but we can also change the color.

Now, this example is a little excessive just to show what a few different options do for us. We can change, for example, the background color. We can change the font to be bold. We can change the font to be italicized. We can even do a gradient fill across.

Now, this can be useful in order to highlight which fields are required when a user is entering data into one of these cards. It could either be the orders or the customer or one of the inventory cards.

Another option available to us is to highlight the user fields. So here we have the user fields being highlighted depending on the value that they are. So right now everything is set to false but if we went ahead and change a couple of these to true and then save the document it’ll change the color back to clear.

Thank you for watching.

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By, Ryan Dyer, Support/Implementation Specialist, CAL Business Solutions, www.calszone.com