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As a Microsoft Dynamics GP user, you should bookmark this link:

This is the area where Microsoft will now put all documentation related to Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Microsoft Docs

Here is a quick list of information you will find now, with new information being added all the time.

What’s new
What’s new in Dynamics GP 2018 R2
What’s new in Dynamics GP 2018
What’s new in Dynamics GP 2016 R2
What’s new in Dynamics GP 2016
What’s new in Dynamics GP 2015
Installation and administration
Installation checklist
System requirements
Network configuration
SQL Server configuration
Account framework
Install Dynamics GP on the first computer
Installing Dynamics GP on subsequent computers
Using Microsoft Dynamics Utilities
Installing additional components
Creating a company
After installing
Additional clients
Creating an installation package
Installing Dynamics GP on subsequent computers
Web components
Installation overview
Deployment configurations
Environment configuration
Security groups and user accounts
Importing a Self-signed Security Certificate
Register application for organizational accounts
Web server preparation
Prerequisite software
Web sites
Security certificates and SSL
Web components installation
Single machine installation
Scale out installation
Connecting to the web client
Working with the web client
Web client administration
Managing web client sessions
Repairing the web client
GP Web Resource Cache
Web Client Operation
Web client upgrade
Single machine upgrade
Scale out upgrade
Tenant Services
Tenant Services Basics
Tenant Services Installation
Tenant Services Configuration and Administration
Tenant Services Multitenant Applications
Upgrade Checklist
System requirements
Data preparation
System preparation
Install Dynamics GP on the first computer
Additional features and components upgrade
Installation package
Install Dynamics GP on subsequent computers
Module upgrades from Dynamics GP 2013
After you upgrade
Company data conversion
Bank Reconciliation
Inter Company Processing
Receivables Management
Part 1: Setup and cards
Part 2: Transaction entry
Part 3: Transaction activity
Part 4: Inquiries and reports
Part 5: Utilities and routines
Payables Management
General Ledger
Fixed Asset Management
Purchase Order Enhancements
Purchase Order Processing
Part 1: Setup and cards
Part 2: Purchase orders
Part 3: Receipts
Part 4: Purchase order returns
Part 5: Inquiries and reports
Part 6: Utilities
Sales Order Processing
Sales Order Processing Part 1: Setup
Sales Order Processing Part 2: Transaction entry
Sales Order Processing Part 3: Allocation, Fulfillment, and Purchasing
Sales Order Processing Part 4: Transaction activity
Sales Order Processing Part 5: Inquiries and reports
Sales Order Processing Part 6: Utilities
Canadian Year-End
Payroll Connect
Payroll Extensions
U.S. Year-End
W-2 Source
Payroll Tax
PTO Manager
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Another helpful site for you to bookmark is:

Microsoft Dynamics GP Directory

This page offers easy access to Microsoft Dynamics GP resources. This page is intended to provide a consolidated view of relevant documentation, videos, solutions to known issues, links to related resources, as well as community sites for implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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