This video shows SalesPad (for Microsoft Dynamics GP) Quick Reports features with a focus on creating transfers from one site to another. I will show how this is done plus discuss calculated fields, highlighting, and password protection for creating transfers.


This is Ryan from CAL Business Solutions. Today I’m going to talk about some of the advanced functionality that’s available to us in SalesPad Quick Reports, and demonstrate how they can be implemented to create powerful tools. This example is focusing on creating transfers from one site to another.

In this example, we’re going to assume that there’s two different stores; one named North and one named South, and they have a third location, their main warehouse that holds the majority of the inventory. In this Quick Report, I’ve broken things out into the item number, item description, location, the store quantity that’s on hand, their order point, the quantity that’s available in the warehouse, and the suggested quantity transfer. This is a calculated field based on whatever business logic we’ve given it. In this case, it’s the order point minus the store quantity. So five minus our three, gives us our two.

You’ll notice a few different things I have implemented in here. Whenever the store quantity is less than the order point, change the highlighting text to be red. I’ve also kept every alternating highlight colors for the item numbers from blue to white and back, making it easy to see where one group of items ends and another begins.

In this Quick Report, we’re also using updatable fields, so while we have the calculation for the suggested quantity transfer, we leave it up to the user to go ahead and enter in that quantity. This field, since it’s updateable, it allows for the user to directly write in the number of items to transfer. So we can go ahead and review the suggestion and then enter it in for the actual quantity transfer.

Once we’re happy with our transfer quantities, there’s another advanced feature, which is a right click and a drop-down menu for create transfer. This will create the transfer which is available to see in SalesPad and Dynamics GP and can be posted into GP after it’s created. We also implemented a password on this one, which will prevent a user from creating the transfer unless they enter the correct password. Once the password is created, it will create the transfer, which we can go ahead and review. And that was Transfer 82. If we open it up, we can see those line items that we had entered. They go from site warehouse to whichever location was on the line in the Quick Report and the quantity that we entered in the Quick Report.

Thank you for watching, and I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the advanced features available to us in Quick Reports.

By, Ryan Dyer, Support/Implementation Specialist