Did you know that if you are scrolling through a long list in Acumatica, you can quickly filter the list to show a specific value?

In an Acumatica list, click a cell in a grid and type Shift-F. This will filter the grid based on that cell’s value.  You can do that multiple times too in order to filter additional columns

A good example of when this might come in handy is if you were looking through a generic inquiry and you wanted to filter on a particular inventory item or customer. You can select that customer’s or item’s cell and use Shift-F to only show that particular entry.

Screenshot of list unfiltered:

Screenshot of list filtered using Shift+F:

Note: You can only filter on exact values, so saying “over $100” is not feasible.  You can say “equal to $100” though.  You can filter on both numbers and text values.

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By Joseph Saffo, CAL Business Solutions, Acumatica Partner www.calszone.com/acumatica

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