Integration Manager has its uses, but I would not exactly call it easy to use. There is an easier way to get data into Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Integration Manager is included for free with Microsoft Dynamics GP for 280 days. But in my opinion it is heavy and ugly and you really need to know your stuff if you are doing any intricate imports. By intricate I especially mean any transactions and/or cards where Dynamics GP would have you on multiple windows. You have to create multiple, very specific, import files.  Then give them relationships to one another. Integration Manager is good because it allows you to add scripting to your integration – but again, you need to be a serious user to take that on.

Once integration manager is configured and running it’s not so bad, but I prefer an add-on product called TitaniumGP.

TitaniumGP makes it easier for less technical users to create integrations. The TitaniumGP templates are pretty clear about showing what is mandatory vs optional for the import. That means users can change the fields they’re setting without needing to reconfigure the mapping (which they would need to do in Dynamics GP).

In the Excel template provided by TitaniumGP the column names pretty much match the Dynamics GP field names which makes it easier to understand. And if there is an optional field that you don’t want to use, you simply delete the column. If you need a new copy it can be ‘downloaded’ from the GP window that you’re on. It gets loaded into your clipboard and you paste it into excel.

The point is, in addition to applying to more transactions/cards, Titanium GP Copy/Paste is SIGNIFICANTLY easier for everyone on your team to configure and use than is Integration Manager. There is no complicated mapping necessary and the templates can be saved and re-used or downloaded on the fly when they are needed.

Download: PDF Chart: The difference between Integration Manager and TitaniumGP Copy/Paste

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Highlights of TitaniumGP:

  • Copy/Paste Between Dynamics GP and Excel
  • Elastic Windows: Add Fields & Views to Dynamics GP
  • Search inside of Dynamics GP
  • Save Your Dynamics GP Data Directly to Excel
  • Automatically Assign the Next ID

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By Katelyn Wood, CAL Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP & Acumatica Partner,