Interaction entries in SalesPad are similar to Activities in CRM or Appointments in Outlook. They are used to track your interaction with an entity. Interactions can be entered throughout SalesPad in Customer & Vendor cards, sales documents & purchase orders, and within the CRM module.

A big benefit of the Interaction form is the large “Notes” field on the right.

You can track and store information they can be used for just about any purpose. And you can search on that text.

For example, you could use Interactions to replace customer master notes. Very often we see large master notes with dates and updates that go back for several years. Users really don’t know what information is there anymore. But if that information was added to Interactions you could leverage the auto-filter row to search for and find the valuable information in your system.


The fields on the interaction window are straight forward. You can enter information such as: Subject, Sales Document, Contact, Type, Status, Schedule, User and Notes.

You can choose to add new fields and use as many or as few fields as you like. You can also customize the layout. But keep in mind that everyone in your SalesPad system will see the same screen, it is not personalized to you as an individual user.

If you choose to use the scheduling fields the Interaction will be visible on the SalesPad Today calendar. Or with additional setups you can use the “Assigned To” field to assign the interaction to a SalesPad user. An automated email will be sent to notify them that they have been assigned to an interaction.

Interactions in SalesPad is a great place to store information that you want to find later.

Note: Access to interactions are based on your version and security access, so if you don’t see the Interactions tab throughout SalesPad let us know and we can assist you.

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