Microsoft Dynamics GP is a great financial system. And it is made even better by the hundreds of add on tools available to enhance the functionality for each specific industry and need.

In our opinion Microsoft does not make it very easy to find a complete list of these add on tools. So we developed our own “CAL Marketplace” of Dynamics GP ISV products to assist our customers.

Our CAL Marketplace does NOT list every Dynamics GP add on product available. It only lists the ones that our team has personally worked with and feel confident recommending to our clients.

Currently we list 231 Dynamics GP ISV products from 57 companies. Sorted by 25 Industry and 31 Category/Function options.

And we add new listings regularly. Occasionally a client will find a new ISV product that we have not worked with yet. We will evaluate it and decide if it is a good fit. Or our team will attend a Dynamics GP event or refer to The List from The Partner Channel and find out about new products.

Our CAL Marketplace site also includes a FAQ page that answers these 14 important questions:

  1. What is an ISV?
  2. Why should I use ISV products with Dynamics GP?
  3. Does every Dynamics GP system need ISV solutions?
  4. Does this mean Dynamics GP is lacking functionality?
  5. How did you choose which ISV solutions to include in the CAL Marketplace?
  6. How many ISV products are there for Dynamics GP?
  7. Where can I find information about other ISV Modules?
  8. Where can I go to meet hundreds of ISV vendors at once?
  9. If I find an ISV module I am interested in, why should I talk to my Dynamics GP partner first?
  10. How do I know if an ISV product is good?
  11. What does “Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (cFMD)” mean?
  12. How much do ISV products cost?
  13. If I use multiple ISV modules, do I need to switch between separate systems?
  14. How do I know if I have ISV Modules installed with my Dynamics GP system?

 Check out the CAL Marketplace.

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