Using Microsoft Dynamics GP and Excel are a powerful combination for any finance team. Many of our clients are asking about the steps to copy and paste General Ledger transactions from Excel into Dynamics GP. Here is the process in four simple steps.

  1. Setup your excel sheet with the four columns below in the exact order as they appear below.Copy Paste GL From Excel 1
    • Account Description –required column. This will be your 3rd line reference.  .
    • Account – General Ledger account number.
    • Debit – transaction debit amount for the corresponding account.
    • Credit – transaction credit amount for the corresponding account.
    • Alias –can be added if Analytical Accounting is used but it is not a required column.
  2. Copy the data from the Excel spreadsheet. Ensure that you don’t copy the column headings, otherwise, you will receive an error when you paste the journal entries into the Financial Transaction Entry window. (CTRL+C)
  3. Open the Financial Transaction Entry window by going to Financial >> Transaction >> General and you must enter the following:
    • Transaction type (standard or reversing)
    • Transaction date
    • Source Document code
    • Reference
    • Currency ID
  4. Once the above are filled in. Go to PASTE and it will accept your entry.  There is a validation report that is run.  You cannot have any Trx lines with zero in both the debit and credit.  It will reject these.  Make your corrections to your sheet.  Re-copy and it will paste.


If you get a “Not Privileged” to run this report go to the following in Security.

Copy Paste GL From Excel 2

Mark off the ‘GL Transaction Past Validation Report’

And you should be able to run the report.  Remember that if the user is logged in, they must log out and back in to have access to this report.

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By Susan M. Conrod, Senior Implementation Consultant, CAL Business Solutions,

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