The workforce today is becoming increasingly more mobile. Employees are getting work done from home or while they’re traveling which means they need to always be able to plug-in to business systems regardless of their location. They need access to critical information and documents as well. As a company with remote and mobile employees, storing paper documents in filing cabinets isn’t going to work anymore.

Once these companies have implemented a paperless solution, their employees will have many more access options. For doc-link customers, the options can be broken up into three main categories: In the network, on the web and through a mobile application.

In the Network

Employees that are logged into the company network will access their documents through the Smart Client. From there they can search and retrieve documents, review and approve documents in their workflow queue, add notes or GL coding to a document, or create new documents (like expense reports, new vendor requests, or PO requisitions for example.)

Access through the network also allows for use of the Dynamics GP integration. Users can drill down to related documents from within GP. They can also re-purpose data during invoice entry to minimize keystrokes.

altec1The Web

Those who don’t have access to the network can log in and access their documents via the web through Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox. They can search and retrieve documents, review and approve documents in workflow, and make a note to a document. The web client can also be used as a portal to give customers and vendors access to their documents.

altec2Mobile Application

The third way to access documents is by way of the iOS and Android mobile application. From a smart phone or tablet, users can search for documents, approve documents in workflow and add notes. This provides the perfect alternative for employees who aren’t at their computer throughout the day but still need to view documents or be involved in the approval process.

Times are changing and the way we work is constantly evolving too. Our job is to make sure you have access to the technology that will enable to your team to work as effectively as possible. If you haven’t yet considered going paperless, give Cal Business Solutions a call to talk through your processes and determine if it makes sense for your business. To learn more, visit

By Guest Author, Christi Whipple , Altec Inc.