There are many reasons that SME companies are making the transition from a paper-based accounts payable process to a paperless (or automated) process in 2014. Accounting professionals around the globe are getting sick and tired of paper invoices piling up on their desks, losing or misfiling invoices, and paying late fees. And the manual data entry into Dynamics ERP is leading to inefficiencies and wasted time that no one has. After all, who isn’t in a rush these days?

  1. Eliminate 100% of Paper Invoices and Paper Checks
    Paper leads to dysfunction. It can easily be misplaced or lost. Invoices are paid late—sometimes paid twice! Checks have to be manually signed—and who has time to track down the CFO to make sure he/she signs them on time? Automation can easily solve this problem. No more paper, no more problems.
  2. Gain Visibility Into Spend and Increase Control
    When you don’t know where your invoices and payments are, how can you effectively manage cash flow? With automation, you know exactly where your money is 24/7—and you can easily access the information from your mobile device. That means you can golf and approve invoices or “sign” checks at the same time.

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By Anya Ciecierski, CAL Business Solutions,