There are 3 cool things to show about Document Attachment in Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 – Attachment Properties, Flow from Master Records and Email. Don’t miss the video below.

According to the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog, the Document Attachment  – Attachment Properties feature is cool because attachment properties allow defining the flow characteristics of an attachment, defining attributes and setting whether an attachment is able to be emailed.

Attributes can be defined in Setup and can be assigned for each attachment in Attachment Properties. This is particularly useful to classify an attachment such as Item Picture or bar code.

According to the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog the Document Attachment  – Flow from Master Records feature is cool because attachments on master records for Vendors, Customers or Items can be selected to flow to transaction documents. Defaults can be set to allow all attachments to flow or attachments can be set on an individual basis to flow or not flow.

When looking at the Document Attachment Management window a simple icon indicator shows the user which attachments flowed from the master records.

According to the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog, the Document Attachment – Email feature is cool because functionality has been added allowing the user to select specific attachments to be emailed each time a transaction such as a Sales Order or Purchase Order is emailed.

Each time an attachment is emailed the action is recorded in the Status Tracking.

Is this for you? The targeted roles are All Users!

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