March 18-21, 2012 | George R. Brown Convention Center-Houston, TX

Microsoft Dynamics GP Partners, users and employees converged at Houston, TX for the 16th annual Microsoft Dynamics GP Convergence Trade Show. There were over 350 different sessions to appeal to all in attendance.

Attendees can login to My Convergence to access many available tools, including the evaluation forms, My Expo, and Schedule Builder, where you’ll find concurrent session downloads.

Watch the Opening Keynote Right on the Convergence Website

Microsoft Convergence Pressroom

Save the Date!

Plans have been made for Convergence 2013 to be held in New Orleans, Louisiana. Mark your calendars for March 18-21, 2013 and plan to join us.

Highlights from Convergence 2012 Attendees:

CAL had 14 clients attend Convergence 2012 in Houston, Texas. We enjoyed the chance to get to know our clients better during the various Convergence activities and the special CAL client dinner event. We look forward to Convergence 2013 in New Orleans!

Convergence 2012 Attendee Testimonials:

For someone so new to the GP environment, it was worthwhile experience for me because I saw all the possibilities of what we can do. It opened the world to us and there are no limitations. It was extremely valuable to meet other CAL clients, we went to sessions together, we talked about issues and how we are solving them. I feel more confident about the software and the CAL group than before, it cements that relationship.” – Linda, Maxwood

“By coming to Convergence I get a chance to shape my short term plans for what I am going to do in IT. We did planning at beginning of the year and now Convergence lets me refocus as to what is really available. As far as the long term it gives me the vision as to where Microsoft is heading, what the interconnectivity is and where I need to start developing our 3-5 year plan.” – Bob, Thor

“I got quite a few solutions simply by asking other attendees and MS people and ISV vendors. I got my ideas to improve the GP product heard, because the people responsible for the products are right there. We expect a lot of cost savings to come to the company from this. Dynamics GP is just a great system, it works. It does not break down. The fact that we can reach four 9’s of uptime from GP, just speaks for itself. IT is one of those things that is not noticed if it works, it is noticed only when it doesn’t work. And GP is not noticed. It is a good system.” – Geris, Beekley

From GP and the other software tools that works with it, I think we have gotten better financial info that has helped our business make timely decisions. It is a good backbone for the company. I just wanted to thank you all again for everything that you all did at the conference from saving chairs, to dinner and of course your advice.  I had a great time and picked up a lot of valuable information. ” – James, AIFS

“Since this is my third year attending Convergence, I have learned that it is not necessarily for the sessions. There is a lot benefit in talking to other customers, partners, vendors. Plus talking with ISV’s and finding different solutions that might be helpful and make GP a better product.  The sessions add to it, but networking piece is most valuable.” – Michael, Somerset

“I like networking with folks that are here and the “concierge like” service that CAL gives us. CAL helped us connect the dots on the various software vendors to come up with a potential solution for a large growing issue at our company. It would save us time, energy, would be welcomed by our business staff. The sales team would enjoy using it and it would reduce some significant work on the accounting side as well.” – Andrew, Somerset

“Since this was my first Convergence I thought I was unbelievable. Could not have imagined there would be so many people here and that it would cover so many topics.  The expo was outstanding to see how many people do things with the product in addition to Microsoft. And the CAL team was absolutely amazing, so welcoming and warm. They did such a good job in organizing everything.  Thanks again for all you did for me in the last few days!!!” – Katya, CT Conf. of Municipalities

“What I loved about convergence was all the vendors I got to see and the opportunity to meet other users. It gave me the opportunity to think about the bigger picture, what we can do with all the different applications that we found here.” – Mike, Pridestaff

“The expo alone has been biggest benefit, to see the big picture of where GP is going. And just networking and listening to other people.” – Christine,Pridestaff

“I would like to thank George and the entire CAL team for their efforts in helping to make Convergence a memorable event.  I hope to see you in New Orleans next year.” – Craig, Hotchkiss

Photo Show of Convergence 2012