I love Excel. I also love how easy it is to get information from Great Plains into Excel. I use the following tip all the time. It comes in handy at month and year end if you are trying to find a transaction for a range of amounts or dates.

STEP 1: Setup a SmartList Query in GP
STEP 2: Export the SmartList results to Excel
This will create Drop-Down lists for each column. You can then select a specific value in the drop-down list or create a Custom Auto Filter with the following options: Equal, Does Not Equal, Is Greater Than, Is Greater Than or Equal To, Is Less Than, Is Less Than or Equal To, Begins With, Does Not Begin With, Ends With, Does Not End With, Contains, and Does Not Contain.
You can create UNLIMITED filters. And you can filter on each column if you would like. This works with regular spreadsheets in Excel (not just GP Exports).