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ImageTag, Inc.

(480) 753-9300
1400 East Southern Avenue
Suite 800
Tempe, Arizona, USA 85282


Company Overview

ImageTag has a rich history of innovative product design and development. The company was founded in 1997 by imaging industry veterans. They recognized that the missing element in existing document management solutions was the human factor – how people really manage and process paper in an office is key to their acceptance of any new solution. Their vision led to the development of KwikTag®, a fast and easy system that leverages and integrates existing office resources and the way people use them.

Company Detail

Document management solutions have historically been either high-end products that were complex, expensive, hard to use, and requiring significant information technology (IT) resources, or low-end desktop scanning or digital copier keypad solutions that were tedious, unwieldy for repetitive use, unsecure and lacking quality control, and virtually unusable for page assembly, organization and storage on networks.

Enter Innovation: KwikTag

KwikTag revolutionized document management by utilizing existing office resources and adapting to user preferences.  We reduced the time, expense and work needed to file and retrieve documents, as well as implement and maintain the system, and we became the first to embed into related line-of-business applications.  KwikTag was the first document management solution embedded into Microsoft Dynamics ERP software.  KwikTag doesn’t stop with Dynamics, however, as it embeds into any application or portal with its open and extendable architecture.  Visit our Strategic Partners page to see what other applications contain KwikTag out of the box.  ImageTag was selected by Microsoft Corporation as one of two finalists for its 2008 Partner of the Year Award in Innovation.

So Unique, It’s Patented

ImageTag has developed a broad portfolio of intellectual property and is the owner of six United States patents, as well as numerous foreign patents. Our patents protect the core elements of the KwikTag process that make it truly unique. Additional patents are now pending, in both the United States and throughout the world.

One of the most important ImageTag patents describes a method for separating the scanning, indexing and storage processes so KwikTag doesn’t dictate when you scan; you can scan documents whenever and wherever it’s most convenient and streamlines your business process. Another notable ImageTag patent covers the creation and assignment of number sequences used for indexing documents to individual users. ImageTag has also patented a highly-efficient process to inventory documents stored in records storage cartons.

ImageTag also manufactures and sells trademarked supply items, such as KwikPaper®, a clear slip sheet that stores odd sized documents, like receipts, so that they can be placed in copiers or fax machines for easy stacked feeding.

Enter More Innovation: KwikTag ‘T3’ for Transactional Content Management – Generation 3

In 2011, ImageTag released KwikTag T3, evolving its document management solution into a platform for creating innovative transactional content management applications. As a platform, KwikTag T3 allows ImageTag and its partners to create applications (called KwikApps) that are tailored to the needs of specific departmental processes or the unique case management needs of a particular industry. Wherever there are documents, data and decisions to be made, there will be a KwikApp to streamline the process.

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