Wholesale Distribution

Learn the challenges facing Wholesale Distributors as a result of the Digital Economy, which has driven B2B and B2C Convergence, plus the ensuing impacts of the Amazon effect. 

Wholesale distributors are seeing challenges from multiple sides in the new digital economy. With new order channels, new warehouse and fulfillment initiatives, and new processes, the distribution industry is facing a period of immense change.

Whether you are finding new competition in the form of Amazon or in the form of a more traditional competitor, you need to evolve in order to thrive. Wholesale distribution is under tremendous competitive pressure to modify their business model, and take on all the challenges thrown at the them for support by their customers.

Learn how in this new report from Aberdeen which will discuss:

  • Wholesale Distributors: Key Capabilities in the Digital Economy
  • Understanding Tradeoffs – Service vs. Inventory
  • Closed-Loop Integration – Planning Execution
  • Segmenting the Supply Chain Based on Customer Profile Data
  • Collaboration with Logistics partners and customers related to inventory execution
  • Cost-to-Serve

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