Why Choose CAL Business Solutions for SalesPad?

CAL Business Solutions was one of the early adopters of SalesPad in 2007. We felt that the user interface and the flexibility were a great alternative to using standard Microsoft Dynamics GP. Even back then, we could see that Microsoft was not heavily investing in the distribution capabilities of Dynamics GP. We embraced the vision of SalesPad, and we have been committed to it ever since.

What makes CAL different is that we are more than a reseller. Many Dynamics GP Partners resell SalesPad, but they let SalesPad do the implementation. At CAL, we have built an experienced team that does all of the implementation and support for our clients. We have a great relationship with the SalesPad team, but we do not rely on and never have relied on SalesPad to do our implementations.

SalesPad runs on Microsoft Dynamics GP as the engine. To truly use the power of SalesPad, you need to have knowledge of both products.

CAL Business Solutions has over 300 Microsoft Dynamics GP customers and has implemented SalesPad for more than 70 companies. This is probably more than any other SalesPad Partner.

Because we have this diverse and sizable market of SalesPad customers, we’ve seen so many different situations where we’ve been able to utilize SalesPad to really extend the distribution capabilities of Dynamics GP. This makes us competitive with any of the top distribution systems on the market.

  • More than 70 SalesPad implementations done by the CAL team.
  • Dedicated team focused on SalesPad for Dynamics GP.
  • We go beyond the core SalesPad product and help customers use all the add-on functionality.
  • Experienced development team pushes SalesPad beyond its normal boundaries to fit all scenarios.

CAL Business Solutions SalesPad for Dynamics GP Success Stories: