Compare Microsoft Dynamics GP vs. SAP Business One

Review five reasons to choose Microsoft Dynamics GP over SAP Business One ERP software.

  1. Employee productivity: In a 2007 analysis, conducted by Keystone Strategy, an independent research firm that compared the impact of enterprise software applications on people’s productivity, Microsoft Dynamics users on average scored Microsoft Dynamics 18 percent higher than SAP users scored SAP applications. Download the full report.
  2. Profitability: Nucleus Research, a global provider of IT research and advisory services, found that, contrary to SAP’s claim that its customers are 32% more profitable than their peers, SAP customers are in fact 20% less profitable than their peers. An analysis of nearly 100 public companies listed on SAP’s Web site finds that despite SAP advertising claims to the contrary, factual analysis of ROE data shows the best run businesses don’t run SAP.
  3. Scalability: Microsoft Dynamics provides affordable scalability for your growing businesses. With benchmarked performance up to 1,000 users and beyond and rich functionality across financials, supply chain management, and customer relationship management, you can be confident in the ability of Microsoft Dynamics to meet the needs of your growing business. Read our blog post: 1 Million Transactions in Microsoft Dynamics GP? No Problem!
  4. Low cost of ownership: Independent research has demonstrated that, on the whole, Microsoft Dynamics offers a higher return on investment (ROI) and lower overall costs than other major competitive offerings. Microsoft Dynamics licensing is designed to be cost-effective. It is based on concurrent users versus named users and has no imposed user minimum or maximum, so it evolves with you for the life of your business.
  5. Industry-leading vertical partner ecosystem: Microsoft’s Certified for Microsoft Dynamics program offers solutions designed to meet the needs of specific industries. It can provide customers with the benefits of a rich portfolio of tested, reference supported solutions developed by ISVs that have met Microsoft’s highest solution and organizational certification standards.

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