Compare Microsoft Dynamics GP vs. QuickBooks

QuickBooks offers a good entry-level solution for small companies but there comes a time when that is no longer enough. CAL Business Solutions regularly upgrades QuickBooks systems to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

  Grow Your Business with Confidence: A Guide for Business Outgrowing QuickBooks

7 Signs that you have outgrown QuickBooks accounting software:

  1. Your reporting capabilities do not give you the visibility you need to run your business. (Microsoft Dynamics GP offers far more reports (700+ standard reports) than QuickBooks (112 standard reports).
  2. Multiple departments or lines of business are preventing you from centralizing and integrating your data.
  3. You are unable to confidently comply with regulations for monitoring and securing your financial data.
  4. You experience unacceptable delays in menus, reports, or navigation. (Most companies using QuickBooks start to notice a decline in QuickBooks performance once the file size reaches 30MB or the total number of transactions exceeds 32,000.)
  5. You sacrifice transaction history or master records to improve performance.
  6. More users need to access the system than are allowed.
  7. You are worried about the lack of security and compliance features.

Did you know? According to a February 2008 ASA Research Report Microsoft Dynamics GP offers 1,531 more features than QuickBooks Enterprise. Learn More About Microsoft Dynamics GP.

7 Reasons Microsoft Dynamics GP is better than QuickBooks Enterprise:

  1. Advanced Functionality: Microsoft Dynamics GP offers strong, industry-leading functionality across financials, distribution, service, manufacturing, human resources and more to help ensure that this is a solution customers will not easily outgrow. An Accounting Library 2008 review showed that Microsoft Dynamics GP met 84% of a typical customer’s requirements, while QuickBooks Enterprise 7.0 met only 40%.
  2. Highly Scalable: Microsoft Dynamics GP, along with Microsoft SQL Server, has proven scalability for hundreds of users, and allows those users to work simultaneously throughout the same or different areas of the application.
  3. Microsoft® Office: From the Microsoft Office look and feel, to the large number of integrations with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Dynamics GP provides users with an easy to learn, easy to use application that helps reduce their training time.
  4. Role based user experience: Provide employees with an individualized, role specific experience based on pre-defined, customizable role templates that help users do their job effectively and efficiently.
  5. Easy to use Business Intelligence: Empower employees to gain deep business insight and share information across the organization by giving them the right information, in the right format, with the tools they use every day.
  6. Proven Return on Investment (ROI): An independent study by Nucleus Research found that 87 percent of Microsoft Dynamics GP small and medium-sized business customers achieved a positive ROI from their deployment with an average payback of 21 months.
  7. Easy Integration:  At CAL Business Solutions we specialize in integrating your Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting system with other internal systems you use to run your business.  The key is to eliminate double entry and extra work.  QuickBooks is not as flexible and not as easy to integrate with other systems.

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