Compare Microsoft Dynamics GP vs. Peachtree

Peachtree offers a good solution for small companies but there comes a time when it can no longer handle the growth of your company. CAL Business Solutions regularly upgrades Sage Peachtree systems to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

6 Signs that you have outgrown Peachtree accounting software: 

  1. You must implement manual work around procedures or purchase third party applications to accomplish your work.
  2. You notice an unacceptable delay in the menus and screens when navigating Peachtree.
  3. Reports take an unacceptable amount of time to print.
  4. The system becomes unreliable and unstable, causing downtime.
  5. You exceed Peachtree’s maximum number of users.
  6. You find an increasing number of needed features lacking in Peachtree.

Did you know? According to a February 2008 ASA Research Report Microsoft Dynamics GP offers 1,372 more features than Peachtree Quantum. Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics GP.

12 Reasons Microsoft Dynamics GP is better than Peachtree:

  1. Strong Database: Dynamics GP offers a more robust database which can handle millions of transactions without slowing down whereas Peachtree’s database performance can start declining after just 75,000 transactions.
  2. More Features: Dynamics GP provides 1,372 more features than Peachtree’s strongest product offering – Peachtree Quantum. Peachtree does not support multiple warehouse locations, allocation formulas, intercompany accounts, piece rates, item pictures, demand forecasting, and shelf life tracking.
  3. Breadth of Modules: Dynamics GP provides 50 modules compared to just 18 for Peachtree.  Based on a 2008 feature summary for 35 top accounting system solutions, Peachtree products ranked near the bottom behind 31 other popular accounting products.
  4. Strong Financial Reporting: Dynamics GP offers far more reports (700+ standard reports) than Peachtree (143 standard reports).
  5. Office Integration: Import, Export and Link from Microsoft Office tools such as Microsoft Excel.

To find out 7 more reasons Microsoft Dynamics GP is better than Peachtree download the full ASA Research report now.

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How Much Does Microsoft Dynamics GP Cost?

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