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SalesPad, LLC

(800) 935-5660
3351 Claystone St SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Product: SalesPad DesktopGP

Industries: All/Horizontal, Distribution, Sales & Customer Service

Product Website

Visit SalesPad Desktop website


SalesPad Desktop delivers an all-in-one order entry, inventory, purchasing, and sales management solution that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Pricing/Buying Information

Price based per seat ( concurrent user). Please Contact CAL for Pricing Information.

SalesPad Desktop integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP to deliver:

  • Easy access to customer & vendor information
  • Complete inventory visibility
  • Efficient entry of quotes, orders, invoices, and returns
  • Effective order management with workflow
  • Extensive purchasing functionality
  • Built-in credit card processing
  •  So much more

Easy to install and configure, SalesPad Desktop delivers a superior return on investment to the company running Microsoft Dynamics GP.

SalesPad Desktop Now Includes:

  • Email Add-In: Integrate emails and calendars, conveniently. Enable Microsoft® Outlook and SalesPad Desktop users to pull SalesPad CRM events into Outlook and push emails into SalesPad CRM notes. Keep track of interactions and events with customers.
  • SalesPad + : Enhance Dynamics GP with SalesPad power, elegantly. With robust and elegant capabilities, access unlimited User Defined Fields and expand Microsoft® Dynamics GP’s limitations with SalesPad-style search functionality.



More Information Coming Soon

“There are many things I like about SalesPad, but the one thing that stands out, is the ability to enter orders, twice, three times faster than we used to, and the ability to look up information and data quicker.” Watch Video Al Piscatelli, Warner Specialty Products, Inc.

“I work both in Dynamics GP and in SalesPad. GP is very strong accounting software that I am accustomed to and gives easy access to historical data and present data. Just a great tool to work with. In SalesPad I like the ability to work with information that’s in GP on maybe a little more sales oriented atmosphere. I also like being able to give my customers answers right away without having to put them on hold to go out and find an actual hard copy of paperwork, it is right there at my fingertips. It makes representing our company that much better.” Watch Video Penny Anderson, Warner Specialty Products, Inc.

“They system helps us minimize the amount of work we have to do to keep quotes rolling out of here. I can confidently say that I can generate 10 times more quotes in a week using Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad than I used to do in QuickBooks.” Brandon Hall, Genex Turbine Technologies, Inc.

“Customers want to know you are doing a good job for them. To be able to show them that we shipped 99% of their orders on time is very powerful. SalesPad gives us a better way to analyze our customer information and find ways we can increase business with them. I feel confident it is increasing our business.”Barry Lerman, Custom Bottle, Inc.

"GP and SalesPad allow me to keep a good handle on what is going on at my company every day. If I have a question about an order I can easily pull it up and get a full sales analysis report. Documents that used to disappear in a filing cabinet are now visible to every member of the team through every step in the process from quote to completed order.” Jack Norton, Warner Specialty Products, Inc.

"SalesPad makes processing sales orders 100x easier. Once the client starts using it they never want to give it up.” Jo Anne Flaum, CAL Business Solutions

"With SalesPad the sheer amount of information shown on one screen is so helpful. When you are on the phone with a customer you can answer questions quickly without switching screens or calling other departments. For customer service it is easy to enter orders, move data around, and find customer info.” Amax Incorporated Team

"Using GP and SalesPad we can control erosion of our margins because we know our true inventory cost. By making this visible to the whole team we can make precise pricing decisions with a customer because we know we are working with accurate data. This is something other distribution companies struggle with.”Amax Incorporated Team

“SalesPad allows us to process multiple orders quickly. Now we can monitor and process EDI orders while taking fax orders and phone orders, all at the same time.”Amax Incorporated Team

“SalesPad gives us 360 degree visibility. Information is no longer locked within separate departments. For example, our AR clerk can write notes in the system and the sales team can see if the account is on hold, the pay history, what the customer bought and when.” Amax Incorporated Team

“With SalesPad, it is very easy to search for items, see what we have on hand, what is coming in, what is on order, and where inventory is allocated. Backorders and other issues are easily resolved. Everyone can see new purchase orders and when shipments are due in their warehouse.”Amax Incorportated Team

"We are processing 35% more orders than we were last year, with one less full time customer service person." Bob Boyle, Thor Specialties, Inc.

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