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m-hance Limited

Trinity House, Bredbury Park Way
Stockport, SK6 2SN UK

Product: m-hance Telesales m-hancementsGP

Industries: Distribution, Sales & Customer Service

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m-hance Telesales m-hancements consists of 10 GP add-on modules designed to provide key software functionality to deal with many specialist telesales requirements including those associated with call scheduling, linked item selling, catalogue-based sales and discount negotiation.

Pricing/Buying Information

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Additional Charges

The sale of one item may frequently need to trigger the sale of another. This could, for example, be a deposit on a container, a delivery charge, a spares kit or an annual support charge. This m-hance module allows the user to create relationships between items so that these additional charges lines are generated automatically by the system.

Call Scheduling

The m-hance Customer Call Scheduling module offers sophisticated call management facilities, via simple implementation and set up routines, that radically improve customer contact management giving immediate benefits for sales and service.

Catalogue Based Sales

Allows the order-taker to understand customer buying patterns, offer relevant substitutes and introduce promotions.

Key Features:

    • Catalogue and screen search
    • Item Catalogue
    • Item Attributes
    • Item Display
    • Information point
    • Fast order entry

Customer Templates

Customer Templates allows you to generate templates of product lists that can be attached to one or more customers.

Key features:

    • Previous order templates – Through sales transaction entry, automatic generation and maintenance of specific historical templates that reflects customer buying patterns.
    • Template selling – Direct access to one or more templates during order entry to use as a selling prompt or as a checking mechanism.

Extended Pricing

Extended Pricing already offers a highly functional pricing model for Dynamics GP including unlimited price lists, date sensitive pricing, customer contracts and promotions. The m-hancements package offers additional promotion options and provides a flexible cost-mark-up pricing function that will be useful for many distributors.

Extended Pricing Integration

Extended Pricing Integration simplifies high volumes of complex price records for inventory items and customer-specific pricing using off-line data management that can be supported by data imports and exports.

Key Features:

    • Export pricing data
    • Import pricing data
    • Full compatibility with MBS Extended Pricing
    • Customer specific pricing

Item Life Cycle

In today’s world of rapid change and brand-led marketing, the life of the inventory item can be fleeting. New items may be developed, sourced, brought to market and then sold to exhaustion before being removed from inventory altogether, sometimes in a matter of months, or even weeks. Inventory management systems need to reflect this style of operation and the m-hance Item Life Cycle module provides this facility.

Linked Item Selling

Linked Item Selling is a simple but effective tool that helps ensure that the all-important opportunity to up-sell is not missed

Key Features:

    • Linked item groups – This features lets you mark one or more of these items will be marked as a ‘trigger’ item.
    • Linked item selling – In Sales Transaction Entry the sale of a trigger item will automatically generate the appearance of a pop-up window showing the remaining items in that group. The pop-up window will also identify which of these items have already been included on this order.

Price Negotiation

Sales Negotiator arms the salesperson with all possible relevant information to enable adjustment of any of the three key variables when talking to customers; price, cost and margin, and see the overall result.


    • Information access – The Price Negotiation window pulls together all of the information that may assist the salesperson to make a decision on price including relevant cost fields and transaction history.
    • Price change input
    • Audit & track

Sales Navigator

The search functionality within m-hance Sales Navigator allows sales order details to be just a few clicks away. Whether you want to retrieve item details from an historical order, check orders from a variety of customer addresses, or search for sales orders that have not yet been fulfilled, Sales Navigator provides the power for complete control over and access to your sales documents.

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