new-features-1When was that feature available in Dynamics GP?

Every time a new version of Microsoft Dynamics GP is released there is new functionality. If you are looking for one feature in particular, it is easy to forget when that was introduced.

For companies that are not on the current version, reviewing the list of New Features could identify the solution to one of your current challenges and motivate your team to schedule a Dynamics GP upgrade. Even if you are on the current version, you may find features on this list that you missed and would now be useful.

Download the “New Dynamics GP Features by Version” PDF
to see the new features of Dynamics GP, sorted by version. List currently includes:

  • Dynamics GP 2016
  • Dynamics GP 2015 R2
  • Dynamics GP 2015
  • Dynamics GP 2013

We plan to keep this up to date each time Microsoft releases a “What’s New” document.

What’s New Blog Posts

Also, for each release we publish a series of “feature of the day” posts on our Dynamics GP Tips & Tricks blog. You can easily view these sorted by version here:

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016

Web Client

HTML Web Client Part 2

Web Client Search

Sales All-in-One-Document View

Inventory All-in-One-Document View

Project Accounting Fields in Requisition Entry

Project Expenses – Document Attachments

Payables Credit Card Payment

Export numbers to Excel formatted as Numbers

Inactive Pay Codes Lookup

Prepayment on Purchase Order

Payroll Posting Accounts

Budget Import Exception Report

Analytical Accounting user access settings

Import/Export SmartLists from Designer

SmartLists from Favorites

Word templates for Batch Approval workflow emails

Workflow Condition Management Enhancement

Workflow Reassignment Notifications

Support Named User Pricing

Automatically Batch Deposit Cash Receipts

Manage/Edit Attachments that Flow to Transactions

Display Duplicate GL Accounts on Budget Exception Report

Power BI Reports on Home Page

OData Service Deployment

OData Service


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2

Employee Self Service – W2

Scriptable Provisioning & Management

Analytical Accounting Transaction Lists

Purchasing All in One Document View

Purchasing All in One Document View – Checkbox

Purchasing All in One Document View – Filter

Purchasing All in One Document View – Options

Combine General Ledger Inquiry

Workflow Document Attachment

Self Service User Type

Self Service User Tasks and Roles

SmartList Designer Create View

SmartList Designer View Workflow Type

Historical Received Not Invoiced Report

Time Management App

Time Management App Entering Time

Time Management App Switching Companies

Mask Employee SSN on Reports

Enable Email on All Purchase Order Document Formats

Enable Email on All Sales Order Document Formats

Display Debits before Credits

Workflow Payables Transaction Approval


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015


Workflow –General Ledger Batch Approval

Workflow –Payables Batch Approval

Workflow –Receivables Batch Approval

Workflow –Vendor Approval

Invoicing in the Web Client

Project Employee Expense Report Entry

Organizational Account User Authentication

Service Based Architecture

Service Based Architecture Deployment

Service Based Architecture .NET Interop

Employee Benefits

Employee Profile and Employee Skills and Training

Team Manager – Employee Profile, Skills & Training

HRP Workflow Pending Approval Navigation List

Employee W4 and Workflow

Employee Direct Deposit and Workflow

Employee Paystubs

Canadian Payroll Web Client

Fixed Assets Year End Report

SmartList Designer Excel Refreshable Reports

Payment Terms – Transaction Calculation

Payment Terms – Discount Date Calculation

Copy Home Page & Area Page

Management Reporter Integration

Management Reporter Integration Setup

Support for MR Content in Business Analyzer

Business Analyzer Cross Platform

Intercompany Journal Entry Inquiry

Void Intercompany Journal Entries

Edit E-mail on Historical Transactions

Management Reporter Data Integration

Employee Self Service – Purchase Requisitions


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2


Identity Management – Login

Purchase Requisitions – Requester

Workflow Maintenance

Copy and Paste to GL

Identity Management – Scale Groups

Purchase Requisitions – Purchasing

SmartList Designer Enhancements

Workflow History

Reprint Outstanding Transactions Report

Default Sort Order for Checks

Workflow Calendar

Workflow Email Notifications

Azure Backups

Document Attachment – Scan

Analysis and Assignment


Take Company Offline

Desktop Action Pane

Encumbrance SSRS Report

Reverse Historical Year

Email or Print any Report in Word

Document Attachment –Payables

Roll Down Segment Changes

Assign an Item to Multiple Sites

Document Attachment – Replace OLE Notes

OLE Notes Migration Utility

Purchase Order Prepayments II

Print Remaining Documents

Email by Document Type

Project Timesheet Entry

Employee Self Service Timecard Entry


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Service Pack 2


Reconcile checkbook without marking transactions

Cash Receipts Inquiry display checkbook ID

Customer Combiner & Modifier

Vendor Combiner & Modifier

Payables Void Enhancements

AA Finance Charge assessment

AA and Sales order deposits

Payroll Inquiry Check Date Sort Options

Applicant E-mail in HR

Doc Attach 2.0:

SmartList Splitter

SmartList Designer

Field Service

Project Accounting


Fixed Assets Enhancements

Business Activity Statement (BAS) for Australian GST

Payment Document Management (PDM)

Visual Studio Tools for Web Client v1

Keyboard Shortcut enhancements


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