Go to Financial>>Cards>>Budget

Choose New

Then Using Budget Wizard for Excel


Fill in an ID for this budget

For Frx budgets make sure that the budget name if it has a space use and underline 2010_Budget

Name the Fiscal Year you are creating this for.

For a Blank Budget:  Use Blank Budget


For blank budget just choose next

Choose which accounts you want


You can tell it which segments you want here.


You can uncheck accounts you don’t want or if you want to add accounts that you took out.


A New Workbook


One Last chance to review and FINISH

Will ask you for an excel name for your Budget and where you want to place it.


Will open your budget

If you already have a budget just make sure that it has the following and you can import it.
2 Blank rows on top
Then Column Descriptions have to be there for:
Beginning Balance
Periods  1-12

They just have to exist, they don’t even have to be named the same.

Please be advised: if you have renamed the Fiscal Periods in GP from “Period 1”, “Period 2”, etc.  to a date, like 1/1/2011, when it exports to Excel, Excel reformats it to a date from a text format.  When re-importing, an error is received about having the incorrect number of columns.  However, it is really that GP cannot interpret the period title any longer.Option 1: Rename the period titles back to “Period1” etc… export and re-import, then rename them again. Option 2: After exporting the budget to Excel – change the cell formatting for the row containing the period dates from a date format to a text format. You can re-enter the names of the periods as needed – then you can import the budget back in.


Go to Financial>>Cards>>Budgets


Import from Excel


Here is where you can bring in the blank EXCEL budget you created in step 1.
Or if you just did the layout, you can do a NEW Microsoft Dynamics GP Budget
If you say new then you will have to name it same as we had to name in the first budget
And you will have to tell what year (Fiscal Year) and show it where it is.


Choose your budget that you saved and filled in

Select the Worksheet that the budget is in.

Verify and choose FINISH

It will begin importing (see below)

And the last step it will open your budget in GP.